How we do it

"An organization's information system is only as good as the people who use and implement it"

Toolkit is in an excellent position with its multiple methodology offerings. We recognise that there is not a “one shoe fits all” approach to delivering successful projects and have developed and matured our own processes to match the differing needs of our diverse client base. 

Our mainstay method utilises a core iterative development team following tried and tested Scrum agile principles. We have tailored the entry points to this core competency to enable us to support everything from formal “waterfall” engagements to “full agile” projects and most things in-between. 

Ultimately we have modelled our approach to suit the needs of our clients rather than dictating one specific engagement process; we can fit in where you need us and deliver in a way that gives you the most benefit.

As a key to this, early in any engagement we help our customers understand their own strengths and competencies in project processes and produce an offering that dovetails into a customers’ organisation rather that being at odds with it. 

Many of our clients are seeking a traditional waterfall engagement and we equally welcome that approach. If there are no significant uncertainties in your own requirements, we will work with you in an elaboration phase to formally detail them together. Once defined, we will happily deliver against a set budget and specification. We add some further value to this approach by vertically or functionally dividing up your requirement in-house and iteratively developing it within our Core team. This means that change control can be managed better (and minimised) should your documented vision change or something unexpected happens. 

Toolkit Agile Hybrid

We are realists – we know that a full Agile engagement across company boundaries is hard to achieve and also in an uncertain world that Waterfall requirements can and do change. Unless an organisation has reached a reasonable level of Agile ‘maturity’ it may actually be culturally or organisationally impossible for them to work in a fully Agile way. We can solve this and we will do this in two ways: 

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An ‘out of the box’ approach to technology

We will select and propose suitable open source packages, modules and templates that we believe can cleanly offer the solution that you are seeking ‘out of the box’ without the need for fundamental code writes at a low level. We promote taking this more straightforward approach to technology choice so that we can deliver you business value as soon as possible rather than building something from scratch. 

Any package solution will require levels of configuration and customisation, however if the underlying business processes that they offer do indeed deliver your needs, then there is no need to re-specify those processes in agile story cards, and carry out a detailed business process mapping before we can start delivery. 

A lightweight Agile backlog

Tied neatly to the above, we will embed our own agile expertise into your project and guide some of the Analyst and Product Owner activities particularly in the early iterations. Most importantly as we will have proposed technologies that minimise the need for the detailed requirements work that consumes a lot of time, you will be able to step back a little from the daily refinement and story breakdown work that would be present in a typical Full Agile engagement and predominantly focus on acceptance of the project deliverables at the end of each iteration. 

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